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Bradfield College History and Archives

Bradfield or Saint Andrew’s College, as it was first called, was founded by the late Reverend Thomas Stevens, Rector of Bradfield and was first opened as a School in January 1850. In 1862, a Royal Charter was obtained, by which the original intention of the Founder and the Statutes given by him for securing its fulfilment, were ‘ratified and confirmed’. The setting of Bradfield College has changed remarkably little since its foundation as a College in the rural and secluded Pang Valley of West Berkshire.

The Bradfield College Archive contains the administrative records of the school together with collections of books, chronicles, photographs, clothing, artefacts and memorabilia relating to the long history of the College. The items are all housed in a small modern mobile storage system at the back of the College Chapel. In 2015, a project began to upload and digitise the archive collection to make it available online and this Digital Archive represents the start of this process to make the historic collection available to everyone for research and enquiry.

If you have any questions about the Bradfield College Archive or if you have any items of interest to the College, please contact the Bradfield Society and Development Office by telephone on 0118 964 4840 or via email

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